IMPROVING OUTREACH Our leverage a new technology-enabled solution to effectively reach top African student market without any problem
VISIBILITY & AWARENESS The best way to direct prospective students toward your institution, who are explicitly interested in learning more about your program.
SAVING COST Cost of printing brochures, flyers, roll up, banner and shipping is eliminated, our virtual fair helps you to recruit more students and reduce marketing costs.
ALL ABOUT CONVERSION It is not about the numbers, we care about the student’s enrollment effectiveness of the channels based on success rates and costs. Our system pre-screened all students’ registration; we do invite the eligible to participate.
BEST TIME IN JULY July is an important time for students from African countries, that when they apply to enroll into international institutions and when the students get their final results.

How does it work?


Build your stand

You don't have to be a designer to come up with beautiful designs for your institution booth. The platform comes with an assortment of templates you can use to custom your own booth, including, logo, photos, videos, campus information, courses, application forms, and contact details.

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Engage with students

A build-in chat interface to enable institution representatives, professors, or alumni to interact with students or parents using text, audio or video chat without queues or delays. For an international audience, auto-translate integration also available for the real-time chat.

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Live webinars

Empower institution representatives to stream live or prerecorded webinars, presentations, or virtual tours during the event to engage students and answer questions through live Q&A. Multiple webinar sessions can be scheduled back to back to give institution exhibitors unprecedented engagement with participating students.

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Share marketing materials

During the virtual fair day, students & parents will have several hours to login and tour the fair with the ability to access to different institution booths, view pictures, brochures, videos, campus tour, and other information w

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Immediate follow-up

Use a Contact form to help institutions to generate leads and receive student queries, even when they are offline or unavailable for live chat. &At the end of the fair, you will be able to easily download a list of all students that visited your booth, allowing for immediate follow-up. This list mirrors the list you would receive from our in-person virtual fair.

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Our technology offers a mobile-friendly version for every EduVirtualFair, packing it with interaction tools to ensure mobile visitors remain equally engaged and productive. We believe at-least 50% EduVirtualFair participants come through mobile devices. That figure is only growing, making the mobile experience absolutely critical for success for events hosted online.




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